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Ever wished you could feel the Friday prayer’s uplifting spirit, even with a busy life or living far from the mosque? Well, Al Muhajreen’s Online Khutbah Platform has the solution! In today’s hustle and bustle, where time and distance can be a challenge, we get it. Immerse yourself in the soul-stirring experience of our live-streamed Jummah Khutbah and connect with Allah from the heart.

It’s not about comfort; it’s about finding spiritual peace in your hectic schedule.

Friday Khutbah: An Online Khutbah Worth Trying

At Al Muhajreen, we facilitate a live broadcast of the online jummah Khutbah, creating a space for community engagement and spiritual unity. Connect with our online congregation to enrich your Jummah experience conveniently, embracing the essence of Islamic teachings right from your own space.

“Because when the Imam comes out (to deliver Khutbah), the angels come to listen to the Dhikr” (Bukhari)

Friday Khutbah Deliverer - Steering Hearts Toward Allah

Our experienced and dedicated Khutbah deliverers ensure that the essence of the sermon reaches every individual. Their commitment goes beyond delivering words; it extends to nurturing a richer understanding of Islam within our community. Through their wisdom, they aim to shed light on the spiritual nuances embedded in the Khutbah, offering an opportunity for everyone to revisit and ponder these meaningful moments.

Jummah Khutbah Live Stream:
Diverse Khutbah Experiences

Live Jummah Khutbah at Al Muhajreen Mosque in Houston, TX

friday khutbah in Houston TX

Live Jummah Khutbah at Al Muhajreen Mosque in Houston, TX

For an in-depth exploration of our live Khutbah sessions, visit our dedicated page. into the religious insights shared during each Friday prayer and witness the transformative influence of online congregational prayers.

Janaza Funeral Prayer

Explore our guide on Janaza’s funeral prayer for compassionate insights and support during moments of loss and grieving.

A Guide to Jummah Prayers & Online Khutbah Sessions

Reinforce your connection with Allah by delving into our comprehensive guide on Jummah prayers and khutbah live sessions. Explore the profound significance these prayers hold in Islamic practice. Additionally, discover the importance of attending a Masjid or Mosque for prayers and learn more about Salat as a pillar of Islamic worship. This guide serves as a pathway to deepen your spiritual understanding and strengthen your connection with Allah through the core practices of Islamic prayer.

Guidelines for Jummah Khutbahs

  • The khutbah should commence after the beginning of the Friday prayer’s designated time.
  • The preacher should have a sincere intention to present a khutbah acceptable and valid for Friday prayer.
  • The khutbah must be spoken out loud, as the objectives of the sermon cannot be achieved if delivered silently.
  • The khutbah deliverer should be pure, free from impurities, and dressed in their best attire.
  • The khatib should greet the congregation with salam, deliver the khutbah from the minbar, and address the audience while facing them.
  • Keep the khutbah concise, avoiding unnecessary length, and present it in two parts.
  • Pay attention to the congregation’s needs and understanding when structuring the khutbah content.
  • Ensure relevance and clarity, avoiding topics beyond the audience’s comprehension or unnecessary religious details.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, praying Jummah online by following an imam through a live broadcast is not permissible according to Islamic jurisprudence. The physical congregation in one place is a fundamental aspect of Jummah prayers. While virtual sermons can be broadcast, individuals at home should perform the Dhuhr prayer with four raka’at when it’s time to pray.

Certainly, the Khutbah (sermon) is critical for the legitimacy of the Jummah prayer. The obligation to attend the Khutbah is a Wajib (mandatory) requirement for individuals praying behind the Imam. This obligation is supported by the Quran (Al-Jumu’ah 62:9), emphasizing the significance of participating in the remembrance of Allah, which specifically refers to the Khutbah.

In cases where someone intentionally misses the Khutbah but arrives on time for the prayer, their prayer remains valid. They can join the prayer, compensate for the missed Rak’ah, and still consider their prayer complete.

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